Adrian F Bloomfield

Curriculum Vitae

Current Positions

Banking & Mortgage Industry

Finance Industry Consultant (1998 – Current)

Working on various business, banking and finance projects and providing a range of advice and services including acting as an expert witness.

Adrian Bloomfield is a Director of Arrow Professional Services Limited, NCI Resources Group and Edinburgh Mortgage Corp. Adrian is a retained consultant to Shakespeare Martineau, Barton Bridging, Hudson Keys, Quantum (chartered valuers) and other financial services clients. Adrian is an advisor to Skybridge and Finanta

Adrian Bloomfield is Chairman of Quantum Valuations.

Previous Experience

Association of Short Term Lenders

Chief Executive Officer (2008–2012)

Adrian Bloomfield is the former Chief Executive Officer of the Trade Association of Short Term Lenders, and a director of the company which is limited by guarantee.

The Capital Group

Chairman (1994–1998)

The Capital Group is a holding company with subsidiary operations providing a range of mortgage management services to major financial institutions.

Edinburgh Mortgage Corporation PLC

Director (1991–1995)

A medium size commercial Mortgage Company and Insurance Group with institutional shareholders, with Postel as the largest.

Premier Portfolio Group PLC

Managing Director (1983–1994)

A Centralised Lending Mortgage Company and Finance House. As Managing Director Adrian Bloomfield had responsibility for policies, funding, setting procedures and standards including underwriting and marketing. He maintained hands on experience in all aspects of the business.

Avco Trust

Executive Manager and Treasurer (1975–1983)

Adrian Bloomfield held senior positions with this International Finance House and had special responsibility for secured lending, and treasury controls. His functions included establishing and applying lending policies and procedures.

Formal Positions

The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML)

Executive Committee Member (1990–1994)

The body represents virtually all Mortgage Lenders. Adrian Bloomfield sat as a member of the Executive Committee, the most senior committee of the Council comprising more than 20 elected chief executives, representing the mortgage industry.

The Association of Mortgage Lenders (AML) now known as IMLEA

Vice Chairman (1990–1994)

The Trade Association of Centralised Mortgage Lenders which a few years ago amalgamated with the British Insurers, British Bankers, and the Building Societies to form the CML. Adrian Bloomfield served as the AML’s Vice Chairman and its representative to the CML.

The Finance Industry Standards Association (FISA)

Executive Committee Member (1991–1994)

The trade Association of Secured Lenders and Intermediaries. Adrian Bloomfield acted as a director and the Chairman for 4 years.

Institute of Credit Management (ICM) Secured Lending Group

Chairman (from 2003–2004)

Adrian Bloomfield is a member of the Institute of Credit Management, and attends the national secured lending group meetings, and was chairman for 2003/4.

Association of Arrears Mediators (AAM)

Director and Executive Committee Member (2009–2014)

FOS Consumer Panel Member (2011 – Present)

Expert Witness Experience

Adrian Bloomfield has more than 35 years experience acting as a banking and mortgage expert.

Adrian Bloomfield has been recommended by trade bodies, leading Counsel, large law firms and by senior executives of major lenders.

He has appeared in Court and given evidence many times.

His extensive case load (including criminal cases) has included acting both for Claimants and Defendants in matters such as contributory negligence, mortgage indemnity disputes, unfair relationships, and the giving of best advice in respect of various mortgage and consumer credit cases and those with elements of fraud and deception.

More than 250 cases handled.

Adrian Bloomfield is a member of the Society of Expert Witnesses, the Academy of Experts Witnesses and the Register of Experts. Adrian Bloomfield is a regular contributor to various mortgage and banking magazines and a member of the Financial Services Forum, and has attended the prestigious Mortgage Summit every year since inception in 2007.